Eco-Boutique SPA Hotel «LOGOS» is a private place of power for self-development, internal transformations, healing, searching for answers to anxiety questions, a retreat for liberation, and recharging. Space for immersion into peace and inner silence, creativity, restoration of balance, vitality, inspiration, and relaxation.

This is an oasis in the center of a noisy world in a picturesque sacred place in the foothills of Mount Aragats. Enjoy the view of the biblical Mount Ararat and a 5-minute walk to the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the 13th century. Our garden is a sanctuary of peace and harmony. Here the silence soothes and the long-sought "here and now" is attainable. Feel the integrity of your personality and reconnect on all levels of being with your body, mind, and soul.

Our Boutique Hotel consists of 6 townhouses with a terrace and stunning views of Mount Ararat and the Temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a hall for yoga and other practices, a swimming pool, a SPA and a massage area, meditation places, a gazebo and, a dining area.
Eco-Boutique SPA Hotel «LOGOS»
Private retreat space and place of power
Эко-Бутик-СПА Отель «LOGOS»
SPA for body, mind and soul
«Dear friends, I am excited to invite you to the sanctuary of my dreams! The place where I tried to create an atmosphere of love, care, harmony, and happiness.

Isn't it that what we truly pursue when we strive for success? And isn't that what we lose when we achieve status, power, and wealth?

We are losing ourselves, we act against our essence and, eventually lose the most important thing - the harmony and joy of being.

A good rest is not just resting for the body. We can relax in a five-star hotel enjoying the most exquisite dishes, but if in your head there is a stream of chaotic thoughts and in your soul, there is a clump of negative emotions, it's unlikely that your rest will be complete. There are many beautiful places and chic resorts in the world, however, our hotel, besides everything, is saturated with warmth and love for every one of you, as is evidenced by the numerous reviews of our dear guests».

Gohan Davtyan
Founder of «Doroga Domoi» (The Way Home) project
A retreat is like life within life that will never leave you the same.
Book a meeting with yourself. Immerse into solitude and inner dialogue in the atmosphere of love, care, and warmth. Embrace new connections and experiences, conceptions and impressions. Discover new horizons and consciousness-based yoga practices. All these things will contribute to the transformation of your body, mind purification, and soul renewal.

Our unique retreat programs are all about the return to one's essence, desires, and needs. Logos Hotel is the place to listen to yourself, reconnect with your heart, get new emotions, be inspired by changes, activate the potential of internal energy and reveal new perspectives to propel the qualitative change to your life.
Hatha yoga for healing the nervous, respiratory, hormonal, digestive
and locomotion systems
Dance-movement therapy and hiking in the mountains
Relaxing massage and aromatherapy treatments
Healthy and tasty dishes of traditional Armenian cuisine from organic and fresh food
Fascinating tours, knowledge of history and Armenian traditions, beautiful view of the Ararat mountain
Exciting creative workshops: art therapy, pottery craftsmanship, cooking national dishes
Gohr Davtyan's 4-day training "Doroga Domoi" (The way home), consists of 3 parts: How to know yourself? How to accept yourself? How to create a better version of yourself?
One-on-one coaching
Daily meditation and breathing practices in the place of power, energy, and tranquility to pursue composure and self-control
And, of course, the atmosphere of harmony, love, and care
Choose a program and become the best version of yourself
Do you like history? Fancy paragliding? Want to visit excellent wineries scattered around the area? Boutique Hotel «LOGOS» will assist you in creating an individual tour based on the needs of the group!

Are you a corporate client looking for a venue for team building events or an agency looking for an ideal location for TOP management training and strategic business sessions?

Are you an individual who wants to relax, go somewhere private, slow down, reflect in a cozy, homely atmosphere of love and care enjoying individual approach?

Retreats, training, adventure and eco-tourism, yoga and creative tours (drawing, vocals, dancing), detox and active weight loss programs - if you are planning a non-standard group trip, prefer to travel on your own or scheduled dates are not your thing - we are here to help you plan a perfect vacation or program!
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Logos is a social and cultural project by Gohar Davtyan. The project is aimed at creating an oasis of calmness and harmony in the modern world and restoring the balance and sense of joy.

When travelling around the picturesque places of Armenia, Gohar Davtyan realized: a place with a unique atmosphere is very close. It is in a small village called Tegher, which existed peacefully for centuries on the slopes of silent mountains. One can see the biblical Mount Ararat on one side and the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary made of dark volcanic tuff in the 12th century on the other side there. That's a unique 'place of power'.

Seven generations of priests from the family of Gohar Davtyan's spouse performed their spiritual service in that beautiful village, among the aromas of mountain herbs and green gardens. According to her plan, the word 'Logos' will be the only thing interrupting the ringing silence of the mountains there. That's how Logos, the name of the spiritual retreat, appeared.

A hotel in Tegher was built only a year after the appearance of the idea. It became the venue for the launch of a unique original program called The «Road Home». That program is a guide to the most important person: to oneself.

The program participants get the opportunity to create a happy version of themselves by discovering and accepting themselves. After all, we can broadcast our happiness to the world only after becoming happy.

There is a set of programs within the project – combination of acquaintance with the traditions of the rich history of Noah with Mount Ararat known as his biblical ark's landing place, unique excursions and hiking tours around the mountains, participation in the ancient festivals and dances of the Armenian people, workshops, training sessions, meditations, yoga classes, and spiritual practices.

Guests come to Logos to learn to relax, to hear their inner voice, to enjoy the ringing silence of the mountains, to find harmony, and to boost their energy level thanks to culture and history of ancient Armenia. When coming home, they feel refreshed and happy.

  • Gohar Davtyan
    Founder of Logos Boutique Hotel with the concept of relaxation for the body, mind, and soul.

    Coach (a member of the International Coaching Federation).

    MBA professor, Leadership and EQ programs at the Higher School of Economics and Moscow State University.

    The author and a trainer of unique programs on creating the best version of oneself, The way home and In Harmony to Success.

    Dancer. Certified Zumba and Bodyflex instructor.


    And, of course, Gohar is a source of love, care, energy and inspiration for each guest.
  • Karen Davtyan
    Our tour guide and a master of storytelling about the historical and spiritual places of Armenia.

    Karen is also an expert hiking guide. He has been exploring the mountain routes since his childhood.

    Karen's ancestors lived in these places for 7 generations and served as priests in an ancient temple of the 13th century, which is located nearby our hotel.

    On a hike with Karen, you'll uncover amazing empowering places, mountain springs, beautiful gorges, and waterfalls. You will also see eagle nests, collect healing herbs and mountain mushrooms. These walks will become a source of bright and unforgettable emotions!
  • Nelli and Gohar
    These two wonderful ladies will be your guides to the "gastronomic paradise" so that you enjoy all the famous dishes of the national Armenian cuisine, seasoned with the essential ingredient - love.
  • Garik
    Driver and housekeeping manager
    Garik is our driver. He will be the first person from the Logos team that you meet at the airport.

    He's also in charge of the household working hard to make your stay is as comfortable as possible.

    Garik is also a tandoor master. He will hold an exciting cooking master class for you.
Are our retreats suitable for beginners in yoga?
Our retreats are suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners. There are easy yoga asana series for beginners and advanced yoga poses for experienced yogis. Yoga can be practiced at any age and life situation.
Should I want to come earlier or stay longer?
Excellent! We will be happy to put together a tour for you or help with the program of your stay, depending on your preferences.
Where to buy a plane ticket?
You can use search engines such as or You can also entrust the selection of tickets to our team. We will be happy to book an ideal option balanced in price and the duration of the flight.
Do I need a visa to Armenia?
Prior visa application for a tourist visit to Armenia is not required. As part of a visa-free treatment, Russian citizens can stay in the country for six months. After 30 days of residence, you need to register with the local competent authorities. Russian citizens have the right to cross the border presenting either their national or international passport. The presence of one of these documents provides the right to stay in Armenia for up to 180 days. The only rule is that the validity period must be at least 3 months longer than the period of stay in the country.
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